On Monday I was whining about online furniture sources selling nearly every dining chair in a pair. Since I only needed one, that meant going to a store. Waaahhh. I sucked it up and went to Target, and surprise! Found something on the first go.

Threshold Brookline Tufted Dining Chair | www.livelygreendoor.com

The chair is Threshold’s Brookline Dining Chair and was on sale for $75 (a $10 discount). I was on the fence about the price, but my butt, which was sore from the wood kitchen table chair, convinced me to buy it. Plus, it’s tufted like our new ottoman, so that design element is featured in more than one way.

And check out the view from this little desk nook! Not bad, huh? I mean, sure, there’s a window frame directly in my view. But out the left window is an unfinished deck and to the right is unmowed grass! Oh. Right. Nevermind, that is a bad view. Pulls blinds shut.

So, before…wait, no no no. I mean BEFORE BEFORE. Let’s take it way back so it looks like I’ve done more than just buy a pretty chair.

Ah, yes. There we go. Before before, there were still frilly curtains from the previous owner! And giant speakers! And…that same stupid bird cage. If it has no place or purpose in my house, wwhhhhyy can’t I seem to get rid of it? Oh that’s right. Because ILOVEIT.

And now! You know what this means. All the bones are in place. I might actually have to work on decorating those shelves. Ugggghhhhh. slowly bangs head on desk. I’m wearing a nice little dent here for my forehead!

IKEA Tullsta's and Threshold Brookline Tufted Dining Chair | www.livelygreendoor.com

Tell me about a time where you dreaded shopping because you just KNEW it was going to be a battle to find something you liked, but then you found something straightaway that you loved. You know it’s happened before. We’ve alllll been there.

3 Responses to Tufted Luck

  1. Jan says:

    I think the chair coordinates beautifully not only with the desk, whose Frenchy curves I ooh la la adore, but also the overall color scheme in the room. And you have a color-matched doggy too! Seriously, don’t you love how dogs love to show up in your photographs? I had three at one time, the last one passed to the Happy Hunting Ground in 2004 and I didn’t have the heart to get another doggy after that. These days I restrict myself to feeding families of squirrels and other assorted critters in the neighborhood. There seems to be a grapevine – go to Jan’s house, she gives out food! I know some of my neighbors are not too happy with me. But it’s not my fault if a squirrel takes a peanut and eats it next store, leaving the shell behind. How to you teach a squirrel he or she should dispose of the shell in MY yard, not next store? Anyway, I’ve only within the past day or two become acquainted with your blog, and I’m adding it to my favorites list for regular visits from now on because I really like what I’ve seen and I love your down to earth attitude and common sense approach to decorating. This is only the third post I’ve read here (thus far) and I love what I can see you’ve done to your living (front) room. And I don’t think a view of uncut grass and an unfinished deck are “bad” things (and I know you were just tongue in cheek saying it, but some people might think it has an “ick” factor anyway). That kind of stuff is just – life – happening, as it does to all of us. The fun, and the pains in the neck and back and other body parts (like one’s arse), come as much from the eventual triumph of creating a space that works for you and yours as the trials and tribulations of getting it all together, ever so slowly. Ah, nothing quite like that feeling “victory is mine.” And as we know, Victory is a goddess :)

  2. Brittany says:

    I love how this room is coming together. It looks great! I love just about everything in target’s threshold line. It gets me drooling every single time..

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