Before I get to talking about ditching the television in our bedroom, I want to show you the new duvet.

Target Threshold Duvet |

Last summer, I bought this West Elm pintuck duvet on sale. I still love it, but I wasn’t in love with it. Haha. No, just kidding, I’m in love. Real reason: I’m a sweaty sleeping monster. Always have been, always will be (thanks, genetics and DAD). You know what happens when you sweat for eight hours a night on a light colored bed? I just couldn’t bare knowing that pretty duvet was going to get grossly discolored if I continued to sleep on it much longer.

West Elm Pintuck Duvet |

This new duvet, from Target’s Threshold line, caught my eye back in February or so. It was on sale AND I had a $10 coupon, so it just made sense. I mean, it’s not immune to my night sweats but it’s got a pattern and can at least hide stains (okay, I’ll stop talking about how disgusting I am now).

Target Threshold Duvet |

In addition to the duvet, I got a new queen size bed skirt! HOLLA. No more trying to pull off a ruffled, too-short bed skirt. I know bed skirts aren’t exactly on-trend these days, but our house has almost no storage. We NEED that space to hide storage boxes, and the skirt to hide the boxes. What? You wanted to see tacky plastic boxes full of winter clothes and gift wrapping supplies? :D The bed is still woefully underdressed without a headboard, but I plan to remedy that soon.

Target Threshold Duvet |

I didn’t have a good shot of our nightstands in the last post, but here they are. IKEA, of course. They’re small, but I think they work for the size of our bed. I’m considering new pull knobs and some dipped legs…

IKEA Nightstand and Owl Lamp from Urban Outfitters |

And this is our only lamp in the room. My mom got it for me years ago (I think from Urban Outfitters?), and later implied it was a “joke” since it was so goofy (like me). JOKE’S ON YOU, MA. I love this lamp. I just need another ceramic woodland creature for the other nightstand. But still, we’re leaning towards wall-mounted lamps to free up space on the nightstands.

Target Threshold Duvet and Owl Lamp |

Alright, done with the bed. On to the TV and mirror.

Target Threshold Duvet |

Yet another Threshold purchase, haha. Originally $39.99, it was on sale for $35.99 and I had a $5 coupon. Minus $9, yes please.

I wanted to hang it above our dresser, but there was one teeny problem. The TV. Hmmm. Solution? We ditched it. No more TV in the bedroom. There are many reasons to get a TV out of a bedroom, mine just happened to be “so the mirror will look nice.” Haha. That, and we’ve been thinking about doing it for a year now and only watch it in the morning. Why not just open up NPR’s app and stream live radio to get the news? So, no more TV in the bedroom.

Excuse the poor quality of these photos (cellphone, oops). Aaaand all the smudges on the mirror. Haha. So, hanging the mirror: super easy. I measured the wall and picked the middle point which happened to be a stud, put a screw in the wall and hung the mirror by a hook in the back. It’s not a heavy mirror, and that one screw is in a stud, so I’m 110% confident in its holding power. (There are two additional hooks if you want to do the two screw approach, perhaps if you’re using anchors)

Back it out, and here we are. It’s at a height that works perfectly for us sorta tallish people.

It looks super bare, but play along with me and imagine four framed prints flanking both sides of the mirror, plus a jewelry box and a plant and other knickknacks on the dresser. Better?

Next up: stenciling the wall! Look forward to that next week.

Have you brought home any fun Threshold stuff lately?

2 Responses to Sayonara TV, Hello Other Stuff

  1. Brittany says:

    I quite enjoy that duvet cover and I’ve had my eye on that damn mirror for awhile. It’s so on after we get settled, lol. I think other stuff will happen first like……rugs……from target’s threshold line because it’s the bestest ever! Are you going to get some frames from Ikea? ;) love their frames — nice and cheap! haha

  2. Ashley says:

    I’ve had my eye on that mirror as well! Looks great!

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