Today marks 33 weeks pregnant. I figured it’s about time to share some baby room updates, isn’t it?

The nursery is nowhere near finished, even though we’ve been slowly working on it over the past couple of months. I’m not feeling any real pressure to have it perfect (we’re thinking Baby B will live in our room for some time). Time to dump out my ideas and show what’s going on! To avoid a post with 500 photos, I’m going to split it all up over this week.

1. These curtains from Target. Store only carries 84″ and I’m keeping my eyes open for a sale online.
2. IKEA Lack shelves. We’re going to reuse the ones in our living room and do something different with that space.
3. Felted wool mobile. I’d like to DIY one out of pom poms. Husband loves the wood at the top.
4. Simmons crib from Target. We bought it back in February when it was on super sale and came with a free mattress (normally $100!)

5. Black and white hardware store prints. My grandma’s family owned a hardware store in Pittsburgh. I want to grab some of her old photos and blow them up to go over the crib.
6. West Elm’s Graham Glider. Got this one a while back, it’s awesome.
7. Chevron rug. Another one we bought a while ago because RugsUSA was running a big sale. (They’ve got a 60% off coupon on there now!)
8. Thrifted dresser. Snagged this for $30 at a Habitat ReStore last year. Aside from a a few chips in the veneer on one leg, it’s perfect. It’ll double as a changing table.
9. This light, from Lamps Plus Open Box. I wish I could find a link for this, but I can’t. I got it back in January, so there’s no evidence of it in my email either. Waahh.

Alright, now for some painting progress photos!

Once upon a time, we painted this room a lovely shade of Azalea Leaf by Olympic.

Before new paint could go on, I had to prime.

Then, finally, the paint. It’s Crumb Cookie by Olympic. It took, sadly, three coats. I never thought I’d finish. The new light fixture is up too!

Here’s the wall where the crib and rocker will go. You might recognized that chair from our living room. We moved the pair of chairs out to make room for our Christmas tree. Full disclosure: we only JUST put the chairs back into place a couple of weeks ago, haha.

The dresser.

I made something pretty in Paint for you! Orange curtains, crown moulding, and of course, those IKEA Lack shelves. I’m thinking they’ll hold books, frames, wipes and a few baskets to hold stuff. I’m not sure what kind of stuff yet.

The little reading nook.

Again, the window wall with the reading nook.

The glider will go in the corner. I’m also thinking about hanging some picture ledge shelves (like this) for easy access books. The blue globe is an idea…I think it’d be nice to have a soft, hanging light. Urban Outfitters has a lot of nice, affordable options. I’m just not totally sure how it’ll look. But it would be nice to have something very, very dim (lightlight-like) for nighttime changing.

The owl lamp will go on the dresser. The wire-base table is currently under construction.

Tomorrow: Crown moulding, the crib and a new rug!

3 Responses to Finally Starting Baby B’s Nursery

  1. Yay! I’m convinced that getting rid of boob lights is homeowners right of passage…that I have yet to experience! Love the new light!

  2. Ashley says:

    I cannot wait to see this room when you’re finished. The vintage dresser is really going to make this room. I love it!

  3. Aww :) I love the design! I almost bought that same rug a few weeks ago for our dining room but when I measured everything out I realized it wasn’t going to fit. I can’t wait to see it in the room, I’m totally jealous! It’s an awesome rug!

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