Hall Bathroom Makeover Reveal

It’s here! It’s here! A finished bathroom! I’m so excited to be D-O-N-E with this bathroom. Ready to see the full bathroom makeover reveal?

Bathroom Makeover Reveal before and after small bathroom

I’ll give a little narration in case you haven’t been following along from the beginning. First off, here’s the bathroom inspiration board for the room. It didn’t work out perfectly, but a lot of things are similar. In that link, you’ll find the before pictures.

gray bathroom inspiration board

We reused the builder-grade vanity. We tore it and its cream sink out, then added legs and painted it Footpath by Olympic.

small bathroom makeover reveal benjamin moore moonshine katie daisy olympic footpath quatrefoil mirror target threshold moen

The gray on the walls is a 25% darker formula of Benjamin Moore’s Moonshine, which we reused from our hallway, kitchen and living room.

small bathroom makeover reveal benjamin moore moonshine olympic footpath quatrefoil mirror target threshold moen

While we recycled a lot, we purchased new accessories, almost all from either Target or Lowe’s. I’ll have a full source list and budget breakdown next week. (Update –> bathroom budget!)

target threshold hand towels

With the exception of the accessories, which I bought all in one go, pieces for the bathroom were purchased over the course of several months. To be precise, they were purchased when they went on sale. Both the sink and faucet were half price. The mirror was also discounted.

small bathroom makeover reveal benjamin moore moonshine olympic footpath target threshold delta sentiment

This is my favorite corner. Before, we had a side splash, and they shape of the sink barely allowed space for my hair brushes. Now, a ring holder (yes, I put my funkiest rings in it), eternally blossoming ranunculus flowers and a woven basket.

small bathroom makeover reveal benjamin moore moonshine target threshold ranunculus

The woven basket is especially great. I’m not a huge makeup person, but I have a few items I’ll use for special occasions or if we’re going out to dinner.

The basket hide everything perfectly – powder, blush, mascara, eyeliner and a few makeup brushes.

Plus, it adds a fun texture to the room.

target threshold ranunculus  woven lidded basket

The vanity was complete with a toilet paper holder. Again, something purchased on sale. Yes, I cringed while drilling holes in my pretty, pretty vanity.

You can read about the sink plumbing here. It was a fairly effortless installation – thank goodness for instruction manuals.

small bathroom makeover reveal benjamin moore moonshine olympic footpath quatrefoil mirror target threshold moen preston delta sentiment

The floor tile is The Tile Shop’s Penny Round in Moss. We had about 10 square feet leftover from tiling our kitchen backsplash. Because it’s small tile, there’s a lot of grout, which gives it anti-slippage texture – so I don’t think we’ll be covering it up with a bath mat any time soon.

Read about our tiling starting with laying concrete backerboard, starting to lay tile and finishing it up.

small bathroom makeover reveal benjamin moore moonshine ranunculus olympic footpath quatrefoil mirror target threshold moen

The Tile Shop even gave me a nice shout out! (Thanks!)

Another favorite accessory (okay, you caught me, they’re all favorite accessories) is this rams head coat hanger. I’m using it as a towel hanger. It was originally painted Carolina blue, but I covered it in oil-rubbed bronze.

The floor-to-ceiling shower curtain makes the room feel so much taller. I need to hem it, but I was just too anxious to get these pictures up. (Update: It’s hemmed!) I guess now’s a good time to point out that I did a lot of chrome and oil-rubbed bronze metal mixing. Hey, why not? They look good together.

floor to ceiling white shower curtain small bathroom

After photographing this and looking at it in a picture, I realize I really need to lower that glass shelf. Or do I? Feel free to weigh in in the comments. I made it chest-level, but maybe it needs to come down a bit? (Update: I made a tweak!)

small bathroom makeover reveal benjamin moore moonshine katie daisy olympic footpath target threshold

Anyway, upon the glass shelf sits a clock to help me keep myself in check while getting ready, a fun flower candle and a glass container (not super sure what to use it for, but I like it). The print is by Katie Daisy (find her on Etsy if you love colorful, watercolor painting prints).

small bathroom makeover reveal benjamin moore moonshine katie daisy moen preston

We installed dual flush here too, since we really enjoy it in our other bathroom. The books are a for-now thing. I’m contemplating a small, woven basket stocked with a few rolls of toilet paper?

More colorful goodness. Another potential shelf modification: slide the arms out to the edges a bit more. There are at least 3-4 inches on either side of the shelf being unused.

You can’t tell, because the lights are so darn bright and blown out, but the light fixture is oil-rubbed bronze (the same one in the inspiration photo at the top of the post).

Slight tangent: I’m really working to learn the ins and outs of my camera. I’ve been shooting in manual for a while, but just finally learning custom white balance (instead of pre-set) and getting good with exposure. I use a tripod (often with a remote), set a low ISO, custom white balance, and toggle the exposure for different shots of the same image. I don’t know how to ditch the blaring light of an interior shot, but it could be that these bulbs are bright white (not soft or warm white, as interior bulbs usually are). Suggestions are welcome!

small bathroom makeover reveal benjamin moore moonshine katie daisy olympic footpath quatrefoil mirror target threshold moen preston

Let us never forget how the bathroom looked when we first toured the house. Or, wait. Maybe we should forget it…

And while we’re at it, let’s forget that it looked like this.

Ah, yes. Much better.

small bathroom makeover reveal benjamin moore moonshine katie daisy olympic footpath quatrefoil mirror target threshold moen preston

Burning questions: should I drop the glass shelf down a bit? (Maybe to line up with the bottom right angle on the quatrefoil mirror for symmetry?) Tell me how to balance too-bright lights! Would toilet paper in a woven basket on the toilet tank be testing my luck? (It would, inevitably, all fall in the toilet)

For the record, none of the companies, businesses or brands I mentioned here compensated me. They didn’t offer. I didn’t ask. I just like their stuff and would have shopped there anyway. If you do want to comp me to write about your product, we can talk or twit.

Relive the magic: Planning the bathroom makeover here // Tearing out the vanity and adding legs here // Painting the vanity here // Painting the walls and mirror and installing a new light here // Laying cement backerboard here // April Foolin’ ya here // Starting to lay tile here // Finishing tile here // Connecting the sink and faucet here // Lamenting plumbing with toilet problems here // Sneak previewing accessories here // Sources and budget breakdown here

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  1. Your bathroom is so nice. I love the floor tile, sink and the color of the vanity. Where did you find a shower curtain that goes from ceiling to floor. I really like that idea, because I have ugly white 4×4″ tile bathtub surround that goes all the way to the ceiling ugh! I thought about getting a bedsheet and make it into a shower curtain. On the glass shelf, I would move it down by half so that the picture is eye level. It was actually the first thing I noticed and commented to myself on. The overall look is just wonderful.

  2. looks great! I love the color of the vanity! powder rooms are so fun to redo…you can make such a big difference relatively quickly–so satisfying :)

  3. I love the vanity and mirror. To me, somehow the area over the toilet looks busy in comparison to the simplicity of the vanity area. Lots of little things in colors that are not tied in anywhere else in the bathroom.

  4. I love the colors you chose! And I would have never even thought of it unless you asked, but I do think the shelf would look better dropped down. So, you tore the vanity out from the wall? And then put legs under all 4 corners? I would like to know more about how you did this, I have three vanities that need refinished and I love the way you did yours!

  5. Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful! I LOVE the color of the floor tile especially. It’s so light and airy and so not that IN YOUR FACE turquoise I’m seeing all over these days. The color of your tiles will be pleasing and soothing for years to come. Also love the ultra-high shower curtain, what a difference. Now you’ve got me thinking maybe I need to do something about my own shower curtain but would have to buy new toile material if I’m going to stick with the same theme, hmmm… I do think you need to lower the shelf above the toilet and I also think you need to add either a larger print or frame the existing print in a much larger frame with mat and coordinate the frame color to the color scheme in the room. As for putting anything on top of the toilet, you won’t need to do it if you lower the existing shelf. That’s my take. What a great transformation! Congratulations, Your redone bath is just lovely.

    • Thank you! I ended up lowering the shelf, it’s much better. You know, I love the frame and print, but wish there was room for a mat! I honestly couldn’t find an affordable frame that I liked that size. Oh well!

  6. Beautiful job on the bathroom. I loved that you put feet on the vanity. Very smart. It looks like a completely different room.

  7. Love the color of the vanity. My half bath needs some personality and that color might be the ticket! What if you added another print under the glass shelf? That should take up some visual space to balance it out.

    Take care!
    Ashley from 3littlegreenwoods.com

  8. Have you considered adding another glass shelf? You could put your qtips/cotton balls/whatever in cute little jars and display them on the bottom glass shelf. I like how the edge of the glass shelf picks up the color in the vanity. Very nice bathroom reno!

    • Thanks! That’s an interesting idea. I lowered the shelf this weekend, the alignment looks much better now. Need to take pictures to update the post!

  9. It looks GORGEOUS Paige! I’m really bummed, because I want to follow your blog in my feedly account (I check feedly almost every day), but my feedly can’t find your feed.rss to follow? What’s the link to your feed so I can type it in?