Last we left the bathroom vanity, it had furniture legs installed and a couple layers of primer. The end goal: have a painted vanity with a fun color.

I picked out nearly a dozen paint samples. I wanted something minty without being too green, too blue, or too pastel.

mint color options valspar olympic allen roth green

I landed on Footpath by Olympic. I picked this out a couple of weeks ago (as you may know, since it was in the bathroom inspiration mood board). Lucky me, Lowe’s was running a buy-one-get-one promo on paint samples, so I snagged two pots of the same color for the price of one ($3!).

After three very thin and even layers of the color, applied with a foam roller, I finished it off with a couple of layers of polyurethane. I used a water-based formula (oil-based yellows over time) in high gloss (for the extra hardness). It was very similar to painting this dresser.

Oh, and I didn’t even crack into the second pot of Footpath, so there’s lots leftover for whatever my little heart desires.

And with a little patience, we took our builder-grade honey wood from this:

To this!

On to the knobs. I found these pretty things at World Market for $5 a piece, $20 to deck out the vanity.

Now, coral knobs were in the plan. But they were $8 a piece from Anthropologie. Not the worst, and I only had to buy four, but I still want to save money where I can. So they got nixed. No biggie, I wasn’t super attached.

I’m going to leave you in suspense regarding what it looks like with knobs. Definitely not because I’m lazy and didn’t feel like taking a picture, editing and uploading it. Nooo, no no noooo. Because… SUSPENSE!

Oh, and check out the Footpath against the gray penny tile. That’s going to look awesome as a floor. So excited.

I’m kinda twiddling my thumbs on the floor thing. We only need 30 square feet of penny tile (10 of which we already own), but I’m waiting for a sale at The Tile Shop. Yeah yeah, $5 tile x 20 isn’t a huge deal, but I gotta pinch those pennies (no tile puns intended). But I DID buy cement backboard and accessories, so I’ll be haphazardly trying to figure that out soon enough.

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4 Responses to Painted Vanity: Olympic Footpath

  1. Beth says:

    How does non-oil based paint hold up in the bathroom? I want to repaint my master bath; and suspect it’s oil-based (white). If I sand the bejesus out of it, can I follow your tutorial here with water-based + poly? Thanks!

    • Paige says:

      Belated response! So far, great! We don’t use this shower so much, but we’ve done our other vanity and there’s no sign of steam affecting it. Of course, we always use our vent when we shower. For this one, I did use a oil-based primer – it’s just the color and poly that are latex.

      I honestly couldn’t tell you to go for it or not without seeing it myself. Wood is picky, especially compressed wood. Good luck!

  2. Nivea Cruz says:

    I like the idea of the legs on the vanity. I wanted to buy a vanity with legs to costly for the size I need.

  3. Megan says:

    I love the way this is all coming together! The color is so pretty. Can’t wait to see the floor!!

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