Hey! I think it’ll come as absolutely no surprise that, after two kids, I’m not updating this regularly.

But two kids and a full time job aren’t the only reasons. The truth is, we’re content with our house! There are a few projects we’ve done that I haven’t posted about. But overall, we’ve created a nice space that brings us joy and have no desire to repaint walls or upgrade furniture (especially with so many sticky hands…).

I’m keeping the website going though, because there are many links from Pinterest and other sources, and the site still gets visited often enough. The couple of ads cover the cost of hosting, and I break even. Of course, it’ll help if you click on a Google ad to the right, but otherwise, enjoy the content and tutorials and all of our missteps and victories from the beginning of our little home!

I’m Paige. That’s my husband Ryan. We also have a toddler son and newborn daughter and a black lab.

We bought a house in early 2012. It was decked out with 1990s builder-grade everything. A coat of paint here, a new light fixture there, and I found myself kind of addicted to making little improvements. Slowly, I’ve learned how to use saws and nail guns, install major appliances and crown molding, and tile a floor and backsplash. And here’s where I share it, along with other bits and pieces of our family’s life.

Necessary disclaimer: We’re not professionals with any of this! We do a lot of research and consulting with pros and experienced friends before we tackle anything beyond a basic coat of paint. If you have any doubts about your own abilities, pleeeease be safe and hire a professional! We’re not responsible if you follow our method and things go wrong.