As you know, we cut down the overgrown foliage in the front yard.

outside before

It was such a relief to see the other half of our house, and it made me excited for a new garden.

blank slate garden

After tilling the soil and digging up plenty of roots, we found some inspiration for the new garden through a local pollinator garden.

pollinator garden inspiration

So we went to Lowe’s and stocked up on a variety of plants. I wish I knew all the species, but I threw away the tags. Oops. Before digging in, we plotted the flowers to fit into the space. We’re pushing the garden bed space back so it’s not so deep.

new garden plotting

After a bit of digging…

new garden digging

We planted the new flowers.

new garden planted

To top it off, we added a fresh layer of mulch. We were up in the air about mulch vs. pine straw (because termites), but the base of our home in concrete and we kept a safe 12″ barrier between the mulch and the house. We should be in the clear with potential termites.


We’re going to let them grow and see how they do. North Carolina has hot summers, so I hope they don’t freak out trying to acclimate. Luckily we have our handy rain barrel full of water to keep the new plants from drying out.

Once they grow and we see how big each plant gets, we may buy more next summer to fill in the gaps. I definitely just want something wonderful and lush and colorful. We’re partly there!

What’s going on in your garden? Harvesting any veggies from an edible garden?

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