I bit the bullet and bought a not-on-sale bathroom light fixture from Lowe’s. I price watched some lights for a month or so, but got tired of waiting for a sale. Here’s our current bathroom light.

old bathroom light fixture

Super boring light. Plus, those bulbs get HOT. So we found this thing.

We made a very not smooth move and started the installation process too close to dusk. It was getting kind of dark…

Then, we realized the new bathroom light fixture didn’t have any mounting hardware. Booo! So we had to run back to Lowe’s and exchange the light and ended up installing the new light by flashlight.

As you can see, I had to patch a few holes in the wall. I’ll go back and paint them later. And as always, a disclaimer: turn off your electricity, do research, and be smart when installing a light fixture.

Finally, finally, in our dark, hot house, we finished!

Here’s the light. We installed cool daylight bulbs to brighten the room.

Remember how the room looked before with warm lights?

And of course, we now have shelves above the toilet. We just need a mirror now, and we might be workin’!

What a big difference a new bathroom light fixture makes! Especially with the new bulbs (which are CFL and will use a lot less energy than the old vanity bulbs).

Working on any bathroom projects? Improving lighting in your house? Oh, in case you’re wondering, the fixture is from Lowe’s. It’s Portfolio brand.

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