So I bought a bunch of fabric (Waverly button blooms confetti) and a sewing machine and said, YOU SHALL TEACH YOURSELF TO SEW. I’m serious. It was on sale at Joann and loved it. I bought enough to make six curtain panels to cover the windows in our kitchen and living room.

After getting the hang of different stitches, tension and width, I practiced a bit by giving my existing curtains (that were made with iron-on hem tape) a hem. Then, business time. First I cut each piece of fabric (including a liner) equally. I measured the first and used it as a template to cut the rest.

I washed, dried and ironed the fabric. Then, I 1) ironed a 1 inch fold, 2) folded that over and ironed it again (so the frayed fabric would be tucked away) and 3) pinned it in place.

homemade curtain panels waverly button blooms confetti

I did the top of the curtains first, then repeated the process down the sides, and finished the bottom hem by hanging it on a rod, measuring the hem, and pinning it all the way across to make sure the whole panel was even.

I did a couple of lines of stitches on the top hem just for a little something extra, but did a single hem for everything else.

Here they are, hung in the kitchen.

waverly button blooms confetti kitchen curtains

It’s crazy how much curtains can change a room.

This was an extremely neutral room after painting the cabinets and counters, but I’m loving the new pop of color.

waverly button blooms confetti curtains

Of course, the new backsplash will be up soon. I’m going to hang the curtains in the living room soon, I just need to wrap up painting the room.

Have you hung any new curtains lately? Added any pops of color?

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