Earlier this month, I painted a dresser we found at Habitat.

We left it untouched for a couple of weeks, but after acquiring a new piece of furniture for the guest room, we had to do some rearranging.

The dresser is now under the window, which I had never considered, but I really like it’s new place. It definitely makes the window a focal point. But, it needed a little decorating.

I scrounged up a few neutral things from around the house. From left to right: A yummy smelling candle, a $4 frame I snagged from a thrift store (empty, of course, haha), a foxy speaker from West Elm (got it half price!), a bundle of tissue paper flowers and a couple of magazines.

Why magazines? Well, of course, to entertain our guests! Yep, the newly acquired furniture is a twin bed. And the painted dresser will serve as a nightstand.

I’ll post about our new (and unexpected) piece of furniture soon. I’m mulling some ideas for the space. Paint the bed? Possibly the walls? New curtains? All of the above? Who knows. I know step one will be raising the tortoise shell a few inches.

Feel free to drop some ideas below. What do you do to make your guest room as welcoming a possible?

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