It’s about time, eh? After finishing the console table last month, I finally connected the last few dots by adding personality to the new piece of furniture behind our couch.

sofa console table decor

We started out with this blank slate.

I added mostly functional pieces – stuff we use regularly – with a few pretty little things.

sofa console table decor

The lamps – from Lowe’s – are my favorite. At $65 a pop, they were a little pricey, but they came with the shades so it wasn’t too different from buying a base and shade separately.

I picked up a few trinkets here and there. The silver dish was a thrift find, the running man is from Ikea, the elephant from Target. I should turn the elephant around so it looks like the man is running from it, shouldn’t I?

Side note: the dish is Lenox and definitely not as shiny as it should be. Any tips on polishing? I’m not sure what the metal is, but it was only $4, so it can’t be anything too precious.

The votive and candle were on sale from Target. You can see our latest reading pile – yes, we’re totally going to homestead in our backyard.

And another stack of books. The big one is a Chuck Close coffee table book. I don’t love that its pretty cover is hidden, so it may not stay there long. On top of it is a leather-bound book.

OR IS IT?!?! Haha. It’s a secret compartment book! I found it at Home Goods and thought, “Yeah, my remotes would totally fit in this.”

sofa console table decor hidden remote

My favorite thrift find of all time: ship bookends! I snagged them from an antique shop going out of business so I talked them down a bit. There are two of these solid brass beauties. They may eventually find themselves on another bookshelf so they can stand out more. They’re just too pretty. The simply votive was a whopping $0.25 from a ReStore.

I’m still on the hunt for a nice set of coasters. The green ones are recycled computer parts, which I love because I’m a nerd, but they’re so light, they always stick to glasses with condensation. I want heavy stone coasters than absorb water and don’t stick!

Here’s Hodor’s view. (We’re been watching a lot of Game of Thrones lately…) This area of the living room still needs some tweaks. FINISH THAT STUPID FRAME COLLAGE, WOMAN. Just taking my time on it, that’s all.

sofa console table decor

At night, the lamps + frames cast some pretty cool geometric shadows. This doesn’t capture the shadows all that well, but you get the idea. Also pictured, my husband, eating leftovers.

What do you keep on your console? Tons of family photos? Maybe it’s a makeshift bookshelf? Does anyone want to come finish my frame collage? Please?

2 Responses to Console Table Decor, Better Late Than Never

  1. Great job Paige! I really want to know more about the homestead books… that is unless you were kidding about homesteading!

    For the gallery wall, I noticed some frames have more space between them than others. Have you thought of spacing out the frames so they’re exactly 2 inches apart from each? I saw on pinterest that some people trace out the frames on paper, and tape the paper to the wall and evenly space out the paper (this way they have a visual aide on what the gallery wall will look like. Then they add the pictures).

    • paige says:

      hahaha. Oh man. I used that trick for hanging them, but I didn’t worry so much about the spacing. Maybe I’ll go back and redo it, but I kind of prefer the uneven spacing. A little more organic? But good tip – you’ve got it in my head now!

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