Forget the Turkish Ottomans. Today is all about the Tufted Ottomans. This cheap Target ottoman has been great, but it’s time is up. After two years, it’s wearing poorly and not jiving with the room’s evolution.

The issue with finding the perfect ottoman replacement? I had very lofty requirements.

1. Upholstered

We eventually want children, and from what I hear, their terrible motor skills make hard surfaces dangerous. Silly babies. And really, I prefer cushy ottomans to hard coffee tables. Preference was also given to an easy-to-clean material.

2. Cream

Charcoal sofa, dark wood console and a black ottoman made one side of the room much heavier than the other, with off-white armchairs.

3. Square

The rectangle ottoman wasn’t wide enough for the L-shaped ottoman. The mini footstools…eh.

4. Storage

I mean, what’s the point of buying something to take up floor space if it at least won’t hold stuff for you?

5. Affordable

And here’s the kicker. I didn’t really want to spend more than $500.

See why this was impossible?! I was at the point of pinning DIY ottoman instructions.

I found several pieces that I liked – like this one, Sunpan Modern’s Noah Tufted Ottoman. Oh, he was my favorite. But $750 (the cheapest I could find) was not going to work for me. Like, ever. I couldn’t get past the whole this is something I would put my feet on. For $750. Who do I think I am, George Alexander Louis?! Geez.

Noah Tufted Ottoman - Joss and Main

And then it happened. I got my daily Joss and Main email. Sunpan Modern?! I crossed my fingers for the lovely Noah tufted ottoman to be there.

IT WAS! And for nearly half the price I’d seen elsewhere. I bought it immediately.

$331 in savings? Don’t mind if I do.


A little more than a week later, Noah was sitting pretty in our living room.

Noah Tufted Ottoman & IKEA Karlstad sectional |

For comparison’s sake:

Upholstered! Cream! Storage! Square! Less than $500! The stars aligned. Not to mention, the tufted top makes me feel like a fancy lady.

As for styling, I’m not sure. We could go simple with an oversized art book.

Noah Tufted Ottoman, IKEA Karlstad sectional and frame collage |

How about breakfast casual? (Side note: Totally used spent coffee grounds for this picture, had to photoshop the liquid darker)

Noah Tufted Ottoman & IKEA Karlstad sectional |

Can’t you imagine kicking back there on a Sunday morning, enjoying a warm cup of coffee and Charles Osgood? Yes, I am secretly a senior citizen who enjoys Sunday Morning.

Noah Tufted Ottoman staging |

But this one is more my style, haha.

Noah Tufted Ottoman, frame collage and IKEA Karlstad sectional |

A setting for a party, with wine and cheese? I actually throw this party by myself every Friday night ever.

Frame collage, Noah Tufted Ottoman & IKEA Karlstad sectional |

The bottles aren’t actually wine – it’s mead! From Starrlight Mead. If you’re ever in central NC, you must visit their meadery and taste their delicious honey wine!

Noah Tufted Ottoman staging |

Can we rewind to December for a second?

AND NOW! Holy cow, it looks like grown-ups live here. Just, er, don’t look on the other side of the room.

Noah Tufted Ottoman & IKEA Karlstad sectional |

Find any furniture bargains lately? Or still in the stalking stage, waiting for it to go on sale?

6 Responses to The (Tufted) Ottoman Empire

  1. Morgan says:

    I adore this paint color! What is it?

    • Paige says:

      Haha, I’m glad you like it! We had a really hard time picking a gray. Every swatch was too green or too blue, and it was maddening. The winner was Moonshine by Benjamin Moore, formulated 25% darker – I was VERY influenced by Young House Love when I first started working on our living space, and loved this color in their home. It was the perfect gray balance, but not quite dark enough, which is why we tweaked it. (Side note: I had no idea this ottoman was the same one in their living room. They crept into my subconscious! But dangit, if it’s not the perfect ottoman for a home with a toddler and dog)

  2. Summer says:

    Looks great! I am thinking of getting this ottoman (but, like you, will wait for a sale). How is it holding up? How do you like the size of it with your Karlstad? (I also have the Karlstad sectional.) Thanks! 🙂

  3. Pretty! But oh my lord that is still a big price tag! I’m soooo cheap I probably would have made my own. 🙂 And I say that from a girl who’s vehicle is missing door hands (we use string to open it) and has currently secured her trunk with a bungee cord (thankfully the bungee is on the inside!) Ahh! #lifeofselfemployed

    • paige says:

      I know we :/ But! I was doing the “small business calculations” – wood, padding, hardware, expensive upholstery that I might screw up, buttons for tufting, and the value of my time (and inevitable frustration) would have exceeded the $430 price tag!

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