Oh hello. Long time no blog. My excuse? I’m really enjoying momming it up in my free time.

I was holding out on posting pictures of the baby’s room. I felt like it wasn’t done. Then I realized, it’s totally done, it’s just not Pinterest done.

But what room is ever done? Especially for a baby. Toys will be added. Lamp shades will be changed. Framed pictures and prints will accumulate. Slowly, he’ll develop a personality and preferences that will be reflected in his room. But until then? Eye-catching patterns, bold colors and interesting objects. Perfect for a baby. Okay, enough jibber jabber. Here’s where our kid *sleeps.

*Yes! He’s actually sleeping in this room. We co-slept for three wonderful months, and still do on occasion. I highly recommend it for new, breastfeeding moms. Just be sure to follow safe co-sleeping practices.

Now that he’s 4 1/2 months old, he loves to study patterns and abstract objects. Like I said, color and texture were the “theme”.

The dresser is from Habitat, it holds most of his diapers, blankets, wipes, pants, bibs and sheets. The shelves are IKEA, relocated from our living room.

When I took these pictures, we were still changing him on our bed with a towel. Now we’re using the changing pad. Yes, that frame is still empty. Best thing ever: glowing tap light for night time changes.

The shelf has three frames with pictures of us (his favorite people, duh), a baseball glove (to brainwash him early I guess?), baskets with a few essential for easy grabbing and some knick-knacks.

Favorite knick-knack: wood cars that were my husbands when he was a kid. Yes, those are his adolescent doodles on them. So cute. Behind them, an abstract print of Simpsons characters (last year’s anniversary gift, “paper”).

Some sweet UNC slippers. More early brainwashing.

A Melissa and Doug stacking set and a couple of stuffed animals my mom brought back from Kenya.

The crib is from Target and I made the panels for the skirt. Not pictured: three space bags of clothes.

Another favorite: the hanging mobile. He’ll stare at this for days. Or, like 10 minutes before he gets bored.

The easy-access bookshelf is great, but I’m thinking we need more book space. I’ll figure it out eventually.

Oh, betcha didn’t see that coming. We got some LED fairy lights from Amazon. They have a nice glow – a little too bright for a night feeding (the intended use), but still fun for him to look at.

I hung them with tiny clear Command Strips. I’m tempted to move them behind the curtains so the glow is more gentle (the LED doesn’t get hot, we never keep them on more than 15 minutes), but I can’t bring myself to pull 15 of these things off the wall and restick them.

And a peek inside his closet. My advice: hang all onesies and shirts by size. Not by label size. By length. The kid wears 3M in one brand and 12M in another.

And, just because: our monitor. It’s an AngelCare motion + sound monitor. There’s a flat motion detector that goes under his mattress. The wire runs down the crib leg, under the carpet and to the nursery unit (which has a nightlight). Super nice because our kid basically only sleeps on his stomach, and this thing sounds an alarm if he stops moving for more than 20 seconds. We’ve had three false alarms (he wound up in a far corner of the crib each time), but it was 100% worth the investment.

So what’s the little dude up to these days? Expanding his vocabulary, of course.

We have some other things we’re working on in the house. We found an antique high chair that needs refinishing. We’re in the market for a new dining room light. Our living room furniture has shifted a bit. There’s a file cabinet (exciting!) that needs painting. We’ll get to them and I’ll share it all eventually!

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