Let’s take a quick look at the work we’ve done in the past four weeks with a quick recap of March.

First, I revealed our closet makeover. Still not in love with the cream on green. Actually, I love the color combo, but for a closet with only florescent light, it’s…eh. I’m seriously considering painting it all white. White is chic, right?

master bedroom closet reveal

Then I had a quick little project where I updated the legs on our Tullsta chair. Another living room updated included a new sofa (!!!) and mounting our TV on the wall.

And in between that was a WHOLE lotta potty talk. Haha. No, not that kind of potty talk (at least not on here…).

First, I made a plan for the bathroom. I painted and added a new light and mirror.

I had a lot of fun with our bathroom vanity. After Ryan helped me rip it out, I did some sawing, gluing, screwing, sanding, priming and painting and VOILA! Lovely painted vanity. It has legs, knobs (installed, not pictured) and a sink and faucet (not installed), but I’ll get around to that when we actually reinstall it.

And reinstallation depends on finishing the floor (which is sporting backer board, at the moment).

And here’s where I talk about the hiccup I mentioned in yesterday’s hilaaarious joke post. Haha.

So, I was on SUCH a role with the flooring. The backer board was a pain in the butt, but I finished it on a Thursday, and the next day (March 16), went to buy the final bit of tile I needed. I was so determined to finish the floor that weekend.

And naturally, they only had four (4!) square feet left. Yeeahhh. I needed 16 more. Luckily, the store was really nice and they put in an order for me. Unfortunately, the delivery wouldn’t arrive 10 days from then. Sigh. So I’ll probably get to pick it up today (as long as it’s in, I need to call). Woo! So my friends, we will have tile soon. And a functioning bathroom. The one toilet situation is starting to get annoying.

What projects did you work on last month? Have anything fun planned for this coming month? Who’s ready for the lovely spring weather?

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