Even though we moved months ago, our storage and organization hasn’t fully recovered. And we haven’t exactly been diligent about it. Take, for example, one of our spare rooms. We shall henceforth call this the guest room, because I doth nameth that! Here’s what it looked like in May.

guest room organizing

Hot mess. A few months later, it’s still messy.

messy guest bedroom

So we took an afternoon to dig through everything, making different piles to keep, toss and donate. And the room started looking better.

guest bedroom clean

But at the same time, it sort of looked like a room at an asylum.

guest bedroom other view

I snagged this $30 colorful abstracty floral comforter from Target (so many adjectives!).

guest room target duvet

It definitely livened up the room. Much less prison asylum-y!

guest room duvet

The walls still need color and the windows need curtains. And I need to do something about that lamp…

Not bad for a day’s worth of work, huh? I don’t have a mood board or anything for this room, but if I had to spout out some ideas…

  • Paint the walls
  • Hang window treatments
  • Replace the futon with a sofa bed to create more space when people aren’t staying for the night
  • Ditch the fan that makes the ceiling seem so much lower
  • Work on the furniture and make the storage prettier
  • Maybe a big rug for the center of the floor? But only if we get a sofa bed
  • Put something on the walls. Frame collage? One large panorama photo?

This room wills surely evolve a good deal over time. Can’t wait to see what happens! How do you use your spare rooms?

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