So our guest room was a catch-all for junk in our house after we moved in.

guest room before

We cleaned the room and bought a cheap but cute comforter from Target for the futon bed. The room was actually looking pretty spiffy, but we didn’t stop there. The walls were begging for color.

target comforter guest room decoration

I painted the walls Coastal Cliff by Valspar. I bought a roll of Frog Tape to try out, and guys, Frog Tape isn’t paying me to say this, but I’m totally converted. That stuff is great. Blue painters tape always manages to peel off bits and chips of the ceiling paint which infuriates me. But not Frog Tape. It was gentle and left a crisp line.

valspar coastal cliff

The color is a steely gray. Like a storm cloud. I super love it. Plus, Lowe’s offered a $5 rebate when I bought it. Discounts are good.

guest bedroom valspar coastal cliff

The room is a far from what it looked like just a few days ago. Yep, a $30 duvet and a $20 can of paint really made a big difference!

guest room before

I happened to have a pair of curtain panels leftover from my college days. They used to hang in my apartment’s bedroom. I got them from Bed Bath and Beyond ages ago. It was nice to reuse them.

valspar coastal cliff

I am loving this room right now. It’s so cozy. Too bad my brother is the only guest we ever have, haha! But I’m sure he’ll enjoy his comfy quarters. Guest room decoration is fun to tackle – you can put this or that here and there, and just play with it to make it work.

The lamp in the corner still needs some rehab. We’ll get to that soon enough.

How do you tackle guest room decoration? Or any decoration in a room that’s rarely used, but still important?

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