I’ve never had free reign of paint colors. My parents were generous and let me paint my room orange when I was a teenager, but picking up a gallon to repaint it was never an option that crossed my mind. Then I lived in dorms, an apartment, and eventually a rented home with Ryan. The landlord of the rented home agreed to let me paint the bathrooms, but everything else was pretty much off limits.

So now that we own a house with walls that are at my mercy, I have an excuse to experiment with fun colors. Enter, Olympic Azalea Leaf and some blank walls.

spare room blank walls

I wanted a really bold, funky color. After much paint swatch debating, I picked the deep indigo Azalea Leaf and attacked the beige walls with a gallon of VOC-free satin blue.

blue paint swatches

After two coats and a few hours, the walls of our newly organized spare room were looking fun! Seriously, this is a good color. The room is really small, so I was nervous about the dark color making it seem smaller, but I’m pleased to report it merely feels cozier.

olympic azalea leaf

I love the white door and trim against the blue walls.

olympic azalea leaf

Here’s the other side of the room.

olympic azalea leaf

Naturally, I had to hang curtains next. Months ago, I bought this orange damask fabric online.

orange damask curtains

A wider view of the room. The curtains are a smidge short, but I’ll get over it. But wait, before I give you the “after,” let’s revisit the before.

And now, we have a functional spare room!

olympic azalea leaf orange damask curtains

Any painting happening in your house lately? Crazy colors on the wall?

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