Our front steps have never been stained, so they’re pretty washed out looking.

front steps before

See? The wood is practically the same color as the concrete. To help it stand out, I stained it with Olympic Maximum Stain and Sealant In One.

staining steps

I used a staining pad and an old brush to apply the stain. I let the stain sit for about 20 minutes and wiped any excess with a rag. The wood soaked up the stain quickly, so there was hardly any excess stain.

olympic maximum stain and sealant in one

Let’s rewind to what it looked like an hour before applying the stain.

front steps before

Here’s another view of the front steps after the stain.

stained steps

And a zoomed out view of the house.

That reminds me, I should totally do an update post comparing the garden now to what it looked like a couple of months ago when we planted it. It’s grown a lot! But I can tell, we’ll definitely be putting more flowers in next spring. Oh, and those plants in the buckets are blueberry bushes. We ended up putting them in the back yard.

I love when wood is rich brown. This is Canyon Brown, in case you’re wondering. And since the Olympic Maximum has a sealant, I didn’t have to go back and do another layer.

Are you wrapping up any outdoor projects before it gets chilly outside?

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