The other day I wrote about some of the ideas we have for our master bathroom. After some contemplating, we decided to go with bathroom open shelving (instead of the medicine cabinet).

master bathroom before

But first, we painted the room.

bathroom painting

It’s really hard to gauge the true color given the lack of natural light. It’s Nickel by Valspar, a blue-gray. I’m not totally in love with it – I like the color because it’s pretty, but it doesn’t really go well with our bedroom wall colors (Olympic Babbling Brook).

valspar nickel

So, on to the bathroom open shelving. I bought one 1″x10″x6′ and cut it into three equal pieces.

bathroom open shelving supplies

I primed it and painted it with Distant Gray by Benjamin Moore. We used the same paint from our laundry room shelving project.

bathroom open shelving painting

I also picked up six small wooden corbels and painted those. Onto the wall they went, with some heavy duty anchors to help.

open shelving corbels

I put the shelving on top and screwed it in to keep it in place.

With the shelves up, we went to Target to grab some baskets to hide our toiletries in. I can’t remember how much they were – I think about $9 each. The jars were about the same. We filled those up with cotton swabs and balls.

bathroom open shelving storage

Here’s a wider view of the shelving. Sorry, I know, it’s a weird angle. But, this picture shows the true color of the walls. We got a new light fixture and installed cool colored light bulbs, so the lighting is more like daylight.

bathroom open shelving

It feels good to start on this room. The new lighting and wall color makes the room a lot less creamy yellow. Oh, and we took down the mirror. We decided to buy a new mirror, so we donated the other one to Habitat.

Have you made any updates in your bathroom lately? Open shelving or medicine cabinet? (It’s like the boxers/briefs question, but for bathrooms, haha).

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