After a sink-less week waiting for our Rustoleum Countertop Transformation treatment to cure, we were finally able to install a new sink. And let me say, after a week of washing dished in the bathroom, we were pretty excited.

The new sink is two inches deeper and single basin rather than the standard double basin. Installing it was a matter of dropping it in, attaching it to the counter with clips, and reattaching the (slightly modified) plumbing.

Before dropping in the sink, we installed the new faucet. We managed to find a Delta Victorian pull-down faucet for a steal on Amazon – only $184! Even now, it’s listed for $240.

delta victorian faucet

We had to reconfigure the plumbing to accommodate the single drain. My dad helped us with this. We went to Lowe’s and pieced parts together in the aisle, then got home and put it in place. We referenced this to help us, since we’d never done something like this before.

The last step was to hook up the water connections and apply some caulk where the sink meets the counter.

So happy with the results. The sink has an extra hole, but we saw stainless steel plates specifically for covering spare sink holes at Lowe’s, so we’ll probably get one of those to hide it.

I love the faucet too. The pull-down feature it great, and the nozzle can switch between a spray and single stream. More importantly, the sink is large enough to hide lots and lots of dirty dishes, haha.

Have you ever installed a new sink? What was your experience like? For us, the clip installation was the hardest – they were hard to reach!

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