Part of our kitchen upgrades include replacing our old, white appliances with new shiny stainless steel appliances. First, up, a new dishwasher.

Lucky for us, Lowe’s had an awesome sale on a dishwasher we’d been eyeing (whirlpool WDT710PAYM). The sale, combined with our 5% discount and a few gift cards convinced us to take the plunge.

We uninstalled the old dishwasher when we put in our new sink. We brought the new dishwasher home the day we bought it – it was light enough for us to lift, so we avoided waiting for delivery. We sold the old dishwasher for $50 on Craigslist too!

Ryan attached the water inlet and outlet and slid the dishwasher in place, securing it to the counter with a couple of brackets.

We did a test run to make sure there weren’t any leaks. Success! I like that the stainless steel breaks up with monotony of white-on-white.

whirlpool WDT710PAYM

So far, the new dishwasher seems to clean really well too. We’re thinking about switching to a homemade dishwasher detergent, but we’ve got a lot of Powerballs we need to go through. We switched to vinegar for a rinse aid, and that saves us a good deal of money!

Have you ever installed a dishwasher? Any appliance-buying in your future? ‘Tis the season with holiday discounts!

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