We snagged a new range hood for a pretty good deal. It’s a Broan QSE130SS, originally $209, but we found a deal for $160. Woot! I love how it looks.

broad QSE130SS

First, we turned off the power to disconnect the existing range hood.

To prepare for the new range hood, we had to drill a few new pilot holes. It took us 47 minutes (as the clock shows) because we had to run to the store to get a couple of longer screws. Womp womp. No big deal though.

The range hood wasn’t too heavy, but to hold it up steady, we used our tripod! Haha. Hey, use what ya got, right? Ryan pretty much did all the work. Fact: it would have been easier if we had one of those small, handheld drills. The normal sized drill was clunky and clumsy.

The range hood is only mounted with four screws. Crazy, right? Last, Ryan reconnected the wiring. The Broan QSE130SS is bigger than the old range hood, so it covers the line where the penny tile ends perfectly. (PS: If you watch New Girl, this is totally the same range hood Zooey has in her kitchen, haha)

The hood is convertible, so we could duct it out, but we don’t have the expertise to do that. Not yet anyway. For now, it vents out of the top, which is just fine with me. I rarely use the vent. The lights on this model have two brightness settings, which is pretty cool.

broan QSE130SS lights

The lights are halogen, so they get pretty hot. But we didn’t want to spend $30 per bulb on the LED equivalent, so we’re sucking up the energy loss. Here’s what the stove area looked like pre-range hood and tile.

And a wide view with the new range hood. I can’t wait until we find a sweet deal on a gas range hood to replace that old electric model.

broan QSE130SS

Have you made any appliance upgrades lately? Looking forward to getting any fun presents for your house for Christmas?

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