If you read home improvement blogs, you’ve most likely heard of Fish Foam. When they asked if I wanted to try their product, I was excited to try the glass cleaner. And I have to say, this is pretty cool stuff! It’s a foam, so it clings to vertical surfaces without dripping.

fish foam cling

The shower in our master bathroom has glass doors and I’m so bad about cleaning them. We have a squeegee but soap scum persists. To break up the scummy residue, I wiped the doors with a damp Magic Eraser. That left a filmy residue, so I sprayed on Fish Foam.

fish foam before after

The fish foam transformed the glass from a foggy nightmare to a sparkling, practically invisible shower door. Thank goodness for the towel bar on the shower door, otherwise I could see myself walking into it on a sleepy morning.

fish foam glass cleaner

With that first success, I kind of went hog wild around the house, trying the cleaner in various places. For example, our storm door. It’s usually covered with hand prints up top and puppy nose kisses down below. Not anymore!

The foam cling formula won me over, especially when cleaning the inside of my car’s windshield. This before/after was really hard to capture, but trust me, it made a difference. As for smell, Fish Foam has about the same alcohol-y scent as other glass cleaners. Not too harsh, dissipates quickly.

Fish Foam is all-weather too, meaning you can clean outside windows in the winter without any issues. But my favorite use for it, by far? Cleaning my glasses! Haha. Those things are ALWAYS covered in finger prints. It’s kind of startling to put on freshly cleaned glasses – there’s so much clarity!

You can buy Fish Foam here or check to see if there’s a nearby Fish Foam cleaning crew. They’ll do your windows for you!

And yes, Fish Foam gave me a free sample to write about their product, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Well, I’m hooked. I cleaned the inside of my car windows the other day with glass cleaner and I just got a complete smeary mess. Will have to try this!

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