So, I have a pretty bad habit of tossing my jackets or purse in any direction when I want in the house. On the couch, a door knob, the back of a chair – I’m so bad about it. Time to solve the problem with a coat rack. In this case, a DIY coat rack!

Supplies: 1″ x 10″ x 2′ board, 1″ x 3″ x 2′ board, stain, polyurethane, two nails, four coat hooks, two screws

I bought two cheap pine boards and stained them, following the directions on the can. I followed up the stain with a coat of polyurethane. I didn’t use water-based polyurethane, and that was a big mistake. I had to leave it outside for three days to cure and air out. Yuck!

I drilled a couple of pilot holes in the narrow board, then nailed it to the larger board. This will be a ledge on top of the DIY coat rack.

Next up, installing the coat hooks. I used a piece of painter’s tape as a guide to drill even holes for the coat hooks.

Hooks in, I mounted it to the wall in our front hallway. I used two wood screws and screwed it into a stud in the center of the wall. The screws were brass, so I applied a thick coat of brown acrylic paint to make it blend.

Boom. Done! Of course, I decorated it a little. I had a few knickknacks around the house – an owl votive, ceramic airplane, and a bundle of fake hydrangeas (from A.C. Moore, purchased with a 50% off coupon). I added a silver hammered frame later, but it’s empty, so not really worth photographing, haha.

diy coat rack

Before, the white mirror was above the teal table. I switched it to a different wall to make room for the DIY coat rack. And, a big non-surprise given the recent cold snap, but that coat rack is currently completely hidden by coats, jackets and sweatshirts, haha.

diy coat rack

Now we just need to replace the cheap-o lights in the hallway! I might do something with that table too, but I haven’t decided. I like the bright turquoise, but I think I’d like it more glossy. I’ve also been considering a small storage bench so we can hide shoes.

Are you making any storage or organization improvements in your house? Has the change in weather inspired any changes around your casa?

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