We’re slowly replacing all the builder-grade brass boob lights in our house. This time, the hall boobs lights got the boot in favor of some classic, neutral Ikea lighting. Farewell, boring brass lights. You will not be missed.

First up, the central foyer light.

Ryan took the lead on uninstalling the light (which we donated to Habitat).

And, feeling generous, I let him take the lead on installing the new light as well, haha.

ikea lighting alang

The light is Ikea’s Alang, and the little brother of the Alang in the kitchen. The little Alang has two lights (as opposed to three) and is slightly smaller in diameter. It creates some symmetry between the hall and kitchen.

The other light in the hall is more of a fishbowl. It was also sent to Habitat.

We replaced it with another Ikea light, the Lock. Get this: it was a whopping $5. Totally worth it. The frosted glass is pretty too. Gotta love Ikea lighting. Of course, we bought LED lights for both lights, so in spite of spending very little on fixtures, we dropped $30 on bulbs. Given that the estimated life of an LED is 22 years, I think we’ll be good for a while.

ikea lighting lock

While we were at it, I hung an art print from (you guessed it) Ikea in the hall to break up the gray and white monotony.

ikea pablo picasso art

I fell in love with it on my first trip to Ikea, but somehow resisted buying it. The next time around, I couldn’t pass it up. First, I’m an art nerd. Second, I’m animal obsessed. Win-win! From left to right, a flamingo, horse, dachshund, penguin and (I think) a chick.

ikea pablo picasso art print

It wasn’t too long ago that our hall looked like this.

And after changing a few light fixtures, adding art, hanging a thrifted mirror, diy-ing a coat rack, painting and spray painting door knobs, it’s looking a lot more welcoming.

One day, I’d like to do something with the HVAC intake door. There’s got to be a way to pretty that up. If anything, it could use a coat of glossy spray paint. And we need a new not-yellow smoke detector (seen at the end of the hall).

Here’s the other side, pre-Ikea lighting, just for kicks.

hallway diy coat rack

How do you make the entrance of your home more welcoming? Or have you installed any new lights recently?

5 Responses to Shine Bright Like A Diamond: More Ikea Lighting

  1. juliepinnix says:

    What color did you use for the walls?

  2. Holly Baker says:

    I approve of the choice of LED lighting, although you may not want to keep the same bulbs in there for 22 years! In 10 years there will be LEDs that are 10 times more efficient!

  3. Beth says:

    What color of what brand of paint did you use in your hall? I absolutely love it and have been looking for a light grey like that for some time.

    • paige says:

      It’s Benjamin Moore – their Natura line – in eggshell. Kinda pricey, but BM will have coupons every once in a while for $5 off, or even free sample sizes (their samples are BIG). Oh, and while it is a little pricey, we managed to do the hallway, bathroom, kitchen and living room (with all it’s tall walls) with two cans. Not too bad.

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