Yep, I might be singing old school Christina Aguilera because we have much more seating in our living room as of this weekend. I took a day trip to Ikea with my family. The plan? BUY A COUCH. #ohsnap. Remember this living room inspiration board from way back when? No? That’s okay. Long story short, I was itching for the Ikea Karlstad couch.

living room mood board inspiration

Our old sofa, which husband owned before we met, was super comfortable. But the frumpy, black faux leather wasn’t doing anything for me. Plus, it’s not ideal seating for guests.

living room before

So we got the Karlstad couch. Assembly took about three hours, maybe a little less? Some bolts here, washer and nuts there, a short break to cry and drink a beer because OMG so many piece, etc. Usual Ikea furniture assembly stuff.

karlstad couch assembly

But the results were well worth the blood, sweat and tears. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating how tough it was to assemble. It really wasn’t that bad. Definitely a two-person job though.

karlstad couch ikea sivik gray charcoal

We can both fully stretch out on it too! Awesome to the max. Oh, and see that frame collage above the sofa? Yeah, I started that more than a month ago. Turns out, I don’t actually have photos around the house. And I’m lazy. So, empty frame collage. I promise I’ll post about it when I actually do something to it.

karlstad couch ikea sivik gray charcoal

But let’s take a closer look at the assembly. The Karlstad couch is a sectional. It came in three pieces – a corner, a two-seater and a three-seater.

karlstad assembly

We got Sivik Gray. The other dark gray fabric available was nice, but had a weird texture. This is a nice, smooth charcoal fabric.

karlstad assembly

The cushions are firm, which makes me think the sofa will age well.

karlstad assembly

Putting on all the cushion covers probably took 45 minutes in itself. Blerg.

karlstad assembly

But the best thing about assembling a couch? That delightful collapse upon finishing.

karlstad assembly

Whatcha think? We have some other ideas in mind. New ottoman, lighting, PILLOWS PLEASE, and heck, maybe even some new furniture legs? My friend Jenn (hi Jenn!) sent me a link with Ikea hacks that included this spruced up Karlstad. I’m not ambitious enough to tackle tufting, but those legs look doable.

karlstad couch ikea sivik gray

Yeah, so like I mentioned back here, I feel like the living room is headed in a really good direction.

Have you ever assembled a massive Ikea piece? What do you think of the couch? We love it, but how can we really be sure with The Ikea Effect looming?!

And to all our friends: come on over, cooome on over baay-beee. Haha. (You’re welcome)

4 Responses to Come On Over, Come On Over Baby

  1. Jill says:

    Love it! Great job :D How many adults can cozy up on the sofa?

  2. Laura says:

    Nice work, saw your photo, had to say nice ass too;-)

  3. Megan says:

    Ok, I’m totally jealous! We have been talking about getting that same exact sofa. We are waiting though because little man has a knack for spilling and ruining nice new fabric haha. It looks so good Paige!! Also, I can remember skating at Jelly Beans to that song – Oh Christina.

    • paige says:

      Haha! Oh man, I can’t wait for kids :) I will totally be relying on my fellow bloggers for parenting advice!

      How old does that video make you feel?! It was released 13 years ago. Feels like yesterday. (Now I’m starting to sound like my parents)

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