Let’s check out our hall/guest/spare bathroom. I think you’ll quickly see why some bathroom inspiration is necessary.

Blaaaand. It’s almost a cookie cutter of our other bathroom.

The walls are that same yellow cream that was in the entire house. The vanity color doesn’t differ much.

The loveliest, most eco-friendly light fixture ever. Oh man. So many lies in that sentence.

And the fixtures. Exact same fixtures that were in our other bathroom.

Who thought porcelain and plastic looked good? Yuck.

The shower tension rod needs to be replaced completely. It has zero tension – it’s just propped up by the edge of the shower.

A slightly closer look. What a fancy shower head!

There’s a green shower mat that’s been there since we moved in. Also, this shower hasn’t actually been used since we moved in, haha. We tried to wash the dog in it once, but she HATED that.

The medicine cabinet needs to go too. It’s both outdated and cheaply made.

I tried to do some skillful white balance in these pictures, but I obviously still need practice. I struggled without natural light.  The medicine cabinet is white, not orangey-pink.

Here’s the bathroom before we bought the house. Haha. So much green! And it’s possible Oscar the Grouch’s pelt was used for the toilet seat cover. 🙁

So what do we want to do with this room?

Bathroom Inspiration Mood Board

1. The color palette: To save money, I’m going to use what I have for the walls, Benjamin Moore Moonshine (a custom formula that’s actually a bit darker). I want to paint the vanity with Olympic Footpath. As for the floor, I REALLY wanted a hex tile, but we have 10 square feet of tile left over from our kitchen backsplash, so we’re going to use that gray penny tile.
2. A shift toward bronze with this light fixture
3. And this faucet
4. We’re going to ditch the cream sink for a crisp white vanity top

5. A girly shower curtain, like this one
6. Add a pop of color with some bright hardware
7. Completely ditch the medicine cabinet in favor of a shelf above the toilet, as seen here
8. A mirror to replace the builder-grade monstrosity. This one is from Lowe’s (Allen + Roth line), but I can’t seem to find a link online.
9. A fun print (with more color) like something seen here

The room will need other minor things too, like a toilet paper holder, a towel ring, a towel bar, a shower curtain rod…the list goes on. But again, minor things.

I’ve had this room in mind for a while, so I’ve been purchasing things over the past few months as they go on sale. For example, I snagged that light when it was $38 (instead of $48). We bought the quatrefoil mirror months ago when it was $60 (instead of $65). And we managed to grab that sink for half its price, a whopping $64. Our priority for this bathroom will be to make it fly without spending more than $500. Haha. Yeah. Good luck? But I think we *might* be able to do it!

Do you have any projects in mind for your bathroom? Any budget makeovers?

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