I’ve been feeling a little blah about the kitchen lately. The gray-black-white is classic and lovely, but I couldn’t help but feel something was lacking. The tile wasn’t popping.

The colorful curtains were hogging all the attention and making accessorizing difficult.

After ditching the curtains in favor of more neutral (yes, after hating on the neutral), I had an idea. Why not paint an accent wall in the kitchen? The living room and kitchen have an open layout, so I was pretty nervous about finding a color that would work, but I found a shade of green (Balsam by Olympic) that looked pretty perfect.

It worked with the cabinets, counters, and most importantly, the tile backsplash. In fact, I liked it so much, I ended up painting the whole darn kitchen. It’s so subtle, but check out the wall through the kitchen doorway. See the gray back there?

olympic balsam kitchen paint

Again, let me emphasize the subtleness. Before:

And the green, after. It’s such a slight color change, it took no time getting used to.

olympic balsam green kitchen

I left the wall that’s shared with the living room gray. It would be too weird to have a paint strip going down the wall between the two rooms. They’re meant to flow into one another, so I think the stop at the corner approach is best. The curtains help with the transition.

two wall colors in a kitchen accent wall transition

I accomplished the straight line with good ol’ painter’s tape. (Slightly unrelated: I love the new curtains, particularly in the kitchen. The floral pattern + Maskros + fruit bowl was A LOT of flower power)

neutral kitchen olympic balsam benjamin moore moonshine ikea maskros

Overall, much happier with the gray-green wall. It gives the room a different feeling without being too INYOURFACE.

Any accent wall-turned full room painting jobs in your life? Cooking up some fun projects for summer?

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