That’s right. The deck is done. Well, as done as it can be for now. We have to wait a few months before staining it (as with all pressure treated wood) so we’ll be revisiting it when it’s time to pick out a stain. Tired face alert!

In the first post for this project, I made a list of tasks. Here’s what we’ve accomplished and what we still have to do.

Phase One: Deconstruction
  • Remove balusters and railing Here!
  • Remove decking boards Here!
  • Check joists and support boards, replace as necessary
Phase Two: Rebuilding
  • Lay new decking boards Here!
  • Install new balusters and railings Here!
Phase Three: New Construction
  • Lay new patio (or build raised deck platform? we haven’t decided)
  • Build steps going out to new construction Here!
  • Finish up balusters and railings Here!
Phase Four: Finishing Touches
  • Stain and seal the new wood
  • Start landscaping on lower level
  • Staple lattice around base of deck to hide dirt
Phase Five: Details, Details
  • Furniture – Making progress!
  • Grill
  • Deck box
  • Deck seating – Making progress!
  • Garden area

We’ll probably jump on the lattice soon to get it out of the way. That won’t be a hard project. Knocks on wood. As for a patio, we haven’t figured out exactly what we want yet other than “stone or concrete” and “not outrageously expensive,” but it’s still too hot outside to even think about excavating the backyard.

We’re still eyeballing end-of-season sales to find a bistro set, umbrella and grill. We have some furniture happening though! More on that tomorrow. But here’s a sneak peek/total reveal. Haha.

So there you go. We rebuilt our deck and lived to tell the tale. No more rotting wood, crazy splintered railings or ragged stain.

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