We had this really nice cooler sitting around. I decided to spruce it up and give it legs! Hello, fancy pants. Can’t wait to have a party so we can pull this baby out!

cooler with furniture legs

Yep. I’m juuuuust kidding. Promise I haven’t gone off my rocker, haha. Those legs you see belong to our new arm chair.

ikea tullsta natural unstained chair legs

It’s the Tullsta from Ikea. Right now, we’re rocking one alongside our recliner. Eventually we’ll get rid of the recliner and get a second Tullsta. Yeah yeah, we still need to list that TV console on Craigslist.

ikea tullsta arm chair

I love the chair, but it’s ultra plain. Turns out, staining Ikea furniture legs is ultra easy because, for the most part, they’re unfinished. So with a bit of stain (and a styrofoam cooler to prop them up!), I added color to the chair legs. Dark walnut by Rustoleum, to be specific.

staining ikea chair legs furniture dark walnut how to

And here’s the results! Very nice, don’t you think? I added a pillow too – it’s from Target and I’ve been in love with it since February.

staining ikea chair legs furniture dark walnut how to

I love the way stain makes wood look so lovely. You really miss that grain when its unstained. This is actually the same stain I used for our coat rack.

So there you go. Mini update, staining Ikea chair legs. I even make you a pretty side-by-side to show what a great job I did. Great job, me! Hehe.

staining ikea chair legs furniture dark walnut how to

I’ve been thinking about another update to the chair. A nailhead trim? I think it would look nice, but I’m kind of torn. I don’t want to bling it out too much.

Have you ever tried nailhead trim on furniture? Or staining Ikea chair legs? (So easy, by the way. Go try it on your stuff pronto!)

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